Ivor is 100 years old (he’s an Elf, so he can spare it), but he has spent the last 75 years as a regularly-tortured prisoner of various brutal warlords, who traded him around for reasons unknown to him. When he was initially kidnapped from his home in the Eleny Woods and during the first 50 years of his imprisonment (mostly in rat-infested dungeons of crumbling castles and caves the warlords occupied), he remained a devoted pacifist cleric of Avandra, but eventually renounced her because her luck never shown down on him. Or his cellmates, either, who were usually only around for a few weeks before they were killed or ransomed.

25 years ago (or whenever Avi says Bandor first came on the scene, I don’t care about the numbers), Gem, a captured priest of Bandor, was thrown in Ivor’s cage. Gem shared the teachings of this new god, taught Ivor the various devotions and rituals that Bandor expects, and converted Ivor just before she was brutally slaughtered in their captor’s version of entertainment for the troops.

Ivor dutifully worshiped Bandor in the limited ways his imprisonment afforded. Although his despair had been causing him to suffer maddening visions for decades, he chose to believe that recent visitations from Exarchs of Bandor were real. The Exarchs directed Ivor to cast aside his pacifism, take up the axe of his warlord’s executioner, and avenge his cellmates and all those who suffered oppression. No justice, no peace

Ivor trained himself for avenging as his captivity allowed, honing his reflexes (high dex) and toughening his body (high con) until he no longer resembled his former self, a fair-haired, soft-featured pacifist cleric. The torture and his own bitterness ruined his good looks and personality (low cha), but his suffering and long periods of deep reflection afforded him a unique and knowing perspective on the world (high wis).

Ivor does not remember escaping or how he ended up with the the (magic) executioner’s axe he used to slaughter his captors while most of the clan was out raiding a nearby village. Drenched in the blood of the non-believers, he then headed out to check on his family and seek other servitors of Bandor. When he first saw his reflection in a pond, he realized that somewhere along the way his hair had turned a firey red.

Wish list:

Arms level 6: Iron Armbands of Power
Feet level 7: Boots of Surging Speed
Weapon level 9: Weapon of oaths fulfilled +2
Weapon level 12: Jagged weapon +3


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