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Campaign World Introduction (on 4/18/2011)

The campaign world will follow the guidelines in the D&D rulebooks with the addition of a new deity (see below).
There are no restrictions on race or class. Let me know what kind of character/character background you have in mind and I will work with you to weave your character into the campaign world.

I’ve attached a map of the region of the world that you will be adventuring in.


  • There are three city-states/kingdoms: Nordania, Estenole, and Wejako. Although predominantly human, all three cities have a decent mix of other races.
  • Dwarves inhabit the City of the Mouduin Dwarves
  • Elves roam the Eleny Woods
  • Eladrin keep to themselves on the Isle of Urlan’s Grace
  • The jungle to the east of Estenole and the swamp to the northwest of Eleny woods are filled with Lizardfolk who periodically harass their neighbors.

Wealth and Peace:

  • Trade between the city-states occurs entirely by sea and Estenole, due to its central location along the trade route, is the richest of the three city-states.
    o Trade in the region is controlled principally by four wealthy merchant families: the Angbanu, Bloryn, Chaden, and Duyata.
  • Although the three cities are by no means allied, a major war between them has not occurred in many decades, thanks in part to the devotees of Bandor (see below).

Bandor – a new Deity

  • Bandor is a recent addition to the divine pantheon.
  • Bandor is a neutral good goddess of peace. Her followers do not shy from using small-scale violence for the purposes of preventing large-scale, unjust wars.

Campaign Info

The Glory of Bandor Avi