Beacon of Bandor


The Beacon of Bandor
Heroic Level Artifact
This slender silver crown has been worn by generations of influential followers of Bandor. The crown draws its power from the religious faith of its wielder. It seeks to spread peace wherever it goes, but can be a helpful ally if hostility proves unavoidable.
The Beacon of Bandor is a head-slot item.
Enhancement: N/A
Property: You gain a +2 item bonus to Diplomacy, Religion, and Insight.
Property: You can use Second Wind as a move action instead of a standard action.
“The Insight of Bandor”; Power (At-Will, Divine): Free Action. Make a religion check vs. will to determine if a creature plans to attack you (or an ally) on its next turn. You may only use this ability once per round. This ability does not reveal who the creature will attack, just whether they are on the verge of violence against your party.
“The Force of Bandor”; Power (Encounter, Divine): Minor Action. Close blast 5. One target. Make a religion check vs. will. Hit: push the target one square.
“The Presence of Bandor”; Power (Daily, Divine): Move Action. Self. Teleport two squares.

Starting Score: 5
•Owner gains a level: +1d10
•Owner completes a quest assigned by the Council of Bandor: +2
•Defeat an enemy of Bandor: +1 (once per encounter)
For the purposes of this artifact, an enemy of Bandor is any creature of intelligence 6 or higher that unjustly attacks Owner (or Owner’s allies). Any warmongerer also counts of course.
•Owner attacks an enemy in a scenario that meets both of the following conditions: -1
A. Enemy has not attacked Owner (or one of Owner’s allies)
B. Owner has not determined that Enemy is non-hostile using “The Insight of Bandor” power.
•Owner forgets key NPC name and instead says “Name-Implied”: -1 (just kidding)
•Owner worsens a diplomatic situation between hostile nations/forces: -2

Effects of Concordance Score:
Pleased (16-20)
The Force of Bandor can now target two creatures.
The Presence of Bandor can now teleport you three squares
Property: +2 bonus to Will

Satisfied (12-15)
Property: +1 bonus to Will
Property: +3 bonus to Diplomacy, Insight, and Will
Property: You can use second wind as a minor action

Normal (5-11)
No effect

Unsatisfied (1-4)
-2 penalty to Will
-4 penalty to initiative

Angered (0 or lower)
The artifact ceases to function.


Beacon of Bandor

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