The Glory of Bandor

The Source of the Syrup

The PCs undo the webs on the humanoid who turns out to be an Eladrin. The Eladrin is drugged, however, and seems only half-awake. Jaren uses his healing skills to wake the Eladrin up from his stupor. The Eladrin brings the PCs back to his village of floating tree houses. He makes his way to a merchant’s store and purchases some more Olium, the drug that many Eladrin have been purchasing and using in the past 9 months.

Garthrund uses his home-brew to turn into an Eladrin and the party makes their way to the King’s palace. The PCs pretend to be representatives of the Angbanu merchant family while talking to the King’s Foreign Affairs ambassador outside of the palace. The Ambassador consults with the king then returns with a full contingent of guards to have the PCs arrested. The PCs get angry about having to strip off their armor (quite a pain for those heavy-armor users!) and convince the Ambassador to let them keep their armor on. The PCs meet with the king, who is upset about the Olium epidemic but does not have the legal authority to outlaw Olium. The PCs change their story and agree to submit to a magical truth test by the King’s Cleric. The King suggests creating a war versus a convenient enemy to inspire the Eladrin to rise up in unity and, hopefully, reject the Olium drug. Ivor, the ever-viligant, Bandorian Avenger, explains that war is never the solution. The King inquires about a final solution instead but the PCs nervously laugh it off. The PCs assure the King that they are on a quest to fight the Angbanu and cease the importation of Olium. The King gives Garthrund a +1 Longsword to aid the PCs on their quest. The PCs also ask more about the Maple Syrup and learn that Magically enchanted metal is immune to its effects.

The PCs depart for the coast, where their spider-caught friend told them the Olium is traded for. The PCs find three ships in dock and speak with an Eladrin merchant and Captain Lenolds. After various schemes, bluffs, and sweet-talking, the PCs deduce that Olium is being traded by the Angbanu for Residuum and Maple Syrup, Captain Lenolds’s itenerary will take him to Estenole, Nordania, The Wizards of the Coast and the Isle of Urlan’s Grace.

The PCs travel with Captain Lenolds back to Estenole and report their findings to the Council of Bandor. They also observe Tall-Gulu painting some of the Church’s columns. Tall-Gulu seems resigned to his new lot in life. Priest Venuse informs the PCs that armies of Nordania and Estenole are being drafted and mobilized. The PCs follow the Oracle’s prediction and wade into the nearby Trashing Tooth Jungle. The PCs avoid some tigers but stumble upon a small gathering of Lizardfolk of the Bloodthorn.

3 Greenscale Hunters – 3 * 175 = 525 XP
2 Poisonscale Magus – 2 * 125 = 250 XP
1 Bloodthorn Vine – 1 * 125 = 125 XP
Total XP: 900 XP

The PCs, a bit disoriented by the dense jungle, double back the way they came and are ambushed by a pair of tigers.



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