The Glory of Bandor

In Search of the Goblin Warlord

Venuse, a priest of Bandor, informs the players of a 500 gp reward that the King of Estenole is offering to any who vanquish the goblin warlord Tall Gulu at the base of Mount Lockleed and bring back his silver crown as evidence. The goblins have been harassing the King’s Mining Colony of Kaltez. The council of Bandor wishes to perform the quest themselves, not only to eliminate the vile goblins but also to raise their standing in the eyes of the King.

The PCs set off for Mount Lockleed, making short work of a band of crocodile-taming halflings.

They speak to the chief officer of Kaltez who informs them that any who retrieve the silver crown of Tall Gulu will be rewarded by King of Estenole in the amount of 1000 gp.

The PCs set off for the warlord’s cave, making sure to stay hidden when a small army of 60 humans crosses their path.

After much bumbling around the mountainside, the PCs locate a goblin-infested cave and proceed to hack, slash, and fall in the water.

Reward summary:

  • 1 visejaw crocodile – 175 xp
  • 3 halfling slingers – 3 * 100 xp
  • 2 halfling stouts – 2 * 31 xp
  • 1 halfling thief – 125 xp
    total: 662 xp
    +1, Fireburst, leather armor; 175 gp
  • Finding the cave (skill challenge) – 150 xp
    total: 150 xp
  • false floor pit trap – 100 xp
  • rockslide trap – 100 xp
    Total: 200 xp
  • 2 goblin sharpshooters – 2 * 125 xp
  • 3 goblin cutters – 3 * 25 xp
  • 1 goblin acolyte of maglubiyet – 100 xp
  • 1 hobgoblin warcaster – 150 xp
  • 1 goblin blackblade – 100 xp
    total: 675 xp
    2 healing potions; 190 gp

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