The Glory of Bandor

Going Ape

The PCs agree to rescue the Eladrin Princess Polaris from Yayaqui, a member of the Wizards of the Coast. The PCs find the princess among the ruins of an ancient city having been mysteriously enchanted by a crown and surrounded by protective apes.

The PCs bring the princess back to the Eladrin who agree to lift their siege of the tower of the wizards of the coast. XP from the myconids, apes, and completing the quest brings all PCs up to level 5. Ivor’s “Presence of Bandor” artifact gains 11 concordance due to the following:

  • 8 for leveling (I had Alexa roll 1d10)
  • 2 for bringing peace between the tribes of the cuihatical jungle
  • 1 for fending off the Apes who unjustly attacked you

The Eladrin are so pleased with the return of their princess (in perfect health) and with the adventurer’s having removed the Angbanu from the face of the world that they reward the group with 8,000 gp (note: 8,000 / 5 = 1600). Jaren takes his share of the 8,000 gp and informs his adventuring friends that he has developed a crush on Polaris and will be leaving the group to try his hand at courtship on the Isle of Urlan’s grace.



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