The Glory of Bandor

Defeating the Goblin Warlord

The PCs are joined by a mountain man, who is angry that the goblins have invaded his turf and is more than happy to aid any who seek to eliminate them. The PCs also find Pogue the wizard tied up in the caves. Alain and Rolo sit this one out and will receive 75% of the XP.

The PCs quickly find a secret door leading deeper into the goblin caves. After following a winding corridor, they come upon a small hall lined with crude weapons. Continuing along, they find themselves face to face with 23 goblins feasting on soup, 3 chained humans making soup, 2 adult wolves, and a litter of wolf puppies. The goblins are unarmed, but the warden decides to attack anyway. Ivor charges in to kill the wolves. Jaren and Xanadu hold their attacks for the time being. Eventually, the goblins stop cowering under the tables and make a dash for the weapon room. The goblins are quickly slaughtered, but the PCs let the goblin warlord, Tall-Gulu, survive so that he may show them where all the treasure is.

  • 10 goblin cutters – 10 * 25 xp = 250 xp
  • 4 goblin sharpshooters – 3 * 125 xp = 375 xp
  • 3 goblin warriors – 3 * 100 xp = 300 xp
  • 1 goblin blackblade – 100 xp
  • 1 goblin hexer – 150 xp
  • 2 hobgoblin soldiers – 3 * 150 xp = 450 xp
  • 1 goblin underboss – 350 xp
  • 2 gray wolves – 2 * 125 xp = 250 xp
    Total xp: 2,225
    XP for absent characters (Alain and Rolo): 1,669
    Treasure: +1 magic rod; +1 Duelist short sword; 170 gp; Silver crown worth 40 gp
    (Note: none of the treasure listed above needs to be shared with Pogue or the warden.)


It’s ROLO! No respect, I tell ya. No respect at all.

Defeating the Goblin Warlord

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