The Glory of Bandor

Arcane Sources of Information

The PCs successfully retrieve the clay ball in the nick of time.
10 Clay Scouts – 10 * 125 = 1,250 XP

Lidius, the Tiefling wizard:

“I would like to introduce you to our jester, Garthrund. He is quite an entertaining fellow, but I believe he has outgrown his role here. To be honest he has become something of a nuisance as of late. I can tell that he yearns for adventure. Normally I would just sell him off, but Garthrund happens to be a cousin of mine. Perhaps you would be willing to take him with you?”

The PCs then stand around scratching their heads for a while as they try to remember why they agreed to test Lidius’s defensive system. Finally they remember: the strange brown goo.

“This goo is the sap of a Maple Tree. Here, taste it. It appears that some sort of thickener has been applied, perhaps arrowroot?”
“Long ago there was a powerful wizard – a true archmage – by the name of Urlan. He was a prince of the Eladrin. Near the end of his days on this plane, as Urlan prepared to retreat to his private sanctum to study the Demispell, the spell of ultimate power, his sister, Princess Ileria, came to him. She reminded him of a promise he made to her centuries ago that he would protect the Eladrin’s homeland as long as he lived. When Urlan had made that promise, of course, he had not expected to gain immortality. But Urlan, in his near-infinite power, fulfilled his promise anyway. He spent 1 long year of research on the ritual that would guarantee the safety of his homeland. This syrup is the result. When in contact with both wood and metal, the syrup causes the metal to explode. The trees cannot be cut down, and thus the Eladrin habitat is forever protected.”

The PCs question Lidius regarding the drugging of the Eladrin. Lidius denies knowledge of any drugs, although some of the PCs fail to believe her (or succeed in disbelieving her).

The PCs travel back to Nordania but are ambushed while camping on the beach by three Sahuagin.
2 Sahuagin Guards – 2 * 63 = 126 XP
Sahuagin Raider – 1 * 250 = 250 XP
Total: 376 XP
Loot: 50 gp

The PCs arrive in Nordania in time for their appointment with the oracle, who turns out to be a female lizardfolk. The Oracle foresees that the PCs will meet with her tribe in the trashing tooth jungle in order to avert the war. The PCs give the Oracle the silver crown they took from Tall-Gulu.

The PCs meet with the Nordanian chapter of the Council of Bandor telling them there discoveries. The PCs decide to investigate the magical, maple syrup first, and then continue on to the thrashing tooth jungle.

The Council of Bandor charters passage to the Isle of Urlan’s Grace aboard a fishing boat. After traveling through the jungle for some time, the PCs discover a humanoid trapped in a web. The PCs barely survive an encounter with three spiders and an ettercap, due in part to the DM mistakenly allowing the spiders to jump back into the trees at-will instead of once per encounter. The PCs, however, feel that they have learned a bit more from fighting these genetically mutated spiders than they would have had they fought spiders from a normal strain.

3 Genetically Mutated Deathjump Spiders – 3 * 200 = 600 XP
Ettercap Webspinner – 1 * 200 = 200 XP
Total: 800 XP

Totals for Session
2,426 XP
50 gp



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