The Glory of Bandor

A War Averted

PCs wade through two pairs of tigers, two giant green slimes, a necromancer (and co.) and finally find the Oracles tribe: the Lizardfolk of the Viper. The Lizardfolk of the Viper’s shields display the double-unicorn coat of arms. After non-lethally knocking out a few of the Lizardfolk, the Lizardfolk are impressed enough that they agree to take the PCs back to their camp. The Chief of the Lizardfolk responds to the PCs’ inquiries regarding the Nordanian shields by letting them question the human whom they stole it off of and are keeping as prisoner. The human reveals, after being sufficiently intimidated, that the Kaltez-sacking army was really a band of mercenaries under contract with the family of Angbanu. The PCs attempt to strike a deal with the Chief in exchange for the prisoner. The PCs hem and haw about paying anything, but agree to carry out a mission for the Lizardfolk. The Chief asks the PCs to remove an irritating elf who sits in the jungle and is somehow impervious to the Lizardfolk’s aggression. (Note: XP for the jungle can be found at the bottom of this entry.)

The PCs are led by the Lizardfolk to a clearing where an elf sits, meditating. The PCs learn that 30 years ago, the Elf, named Morrowana, had a brief romance with another elf in the jungle. One morning Morrowana awoke to find that his mate had disappeared. He prayed to Melora, God of the wilderness. Melora appeared to him after nine months and told him he had a healthy son, named Morrowana Junior. Since then, Morrowana has waited in the Thrasing Tooth Jungle using his rituals to search the jungle for his mate’s return. Garthrund attempts to approach Morrowana but is prevented by some sort of magical forcefield.

The PCs decide that they don’t have time for this quest and return to the Chief. They agree to pay 50 gold for the prisoner.

The PCs bring the prisoner back to the Temple of Bandor in Estenole. There they speak with Tall-Gulu who expresses an interest in learning the ways of the Avenger. They then speak with Priest Venuse. Priest Venuse is excited by the news of the prisoner and his connection with the Angbanu and the double-unicorn sheild, but does not believe that the prisoner alone will be enough to convince the King of Estenole of the Nordanian’s innocence. Priest Venuse thinks that the King will require the Council of Bandor to provide a motivation for the Angbanu before being convinced. The PCs explain that the Angbanu have been proven to have been purchasing Urlan’s Maple Syrup for many months before the sacking of Kaltez and that the Maple syrup was being used by the Mercenaries. Furthermore, the Angbanu had been stockpiling magic armor, a known counter to Urlan’s Maple Syrup, even before news of Kaltez reached Estenole or Nordania. The Angbanu clearly anticipated the war, started the war, and sought to profiteer from the war.

The PCs case is solid enough the the King of Estenole and Nordania are convinced that their real enemy is the Angbanu, not each other. The Angbanu are hunted down, executed, and exiled from the cities of Estenole and Nordania.

The War is Averted.

The armies are disbanded and the young soldiers return to their farms, villages, and cities to continue their lives in peace.

After a week, the King of Estenole, in an exceedingly good mood after having confiscated some of the Angbanu family assets, rewards the PCs with double the bounty he had denied them earlier: 1,000 gold pieces. He also makes a hefty donation to the Council of Bandor as well.

The King of Nordania also make a donation to the Council of Bandor.

The Council of Bandor rewards the PCs for their service by opening up their magic item vaults to the PCs. Each PC may take either a shield of level 5 or lower, a neck slot item of level 5 or lower, or a holy symbol of level 5 or lower, or any magic item of level 3 or lower. (Note: you get one magic item total, not one from each category listed above.)

After this great victory in the name of Bandor, the council performs a ceremony to which the PCs are invited. The temple inhabitants gather in a large open circle in the temple’s great hall and begin chanting a beautiful hymn to Bandor. An Angel of Bandor descends from the heavens during the ritual and speaks to the PCs:

“You have all served Bandor well. Bane, the God of war and conquest; and Tiamat, the God of wealth and greed thought they had an opportunity in the Angbanu to gain influence in this corner of the world, but now Bandor, through you, her worthy servants, have put these warmongers in their place.”
The angel then speaks to each PC in turn:
“Xanadu: although you do not accept Bandor into your heart, you follow Bandor’s path of peace and love. Bandor will always watch over you.
Garthrund: you are cunning and wily, but if you turned to the ways of Bandor, you would not have need for deception to achieve your goals.
Polo: Ever the reserved monk; continue your travels with Ivor and Jaren: your reservation and level-headed logic will be needed to temper your companions’ eccentric methods.
Jaren: Although your service to Bandor is unquestioned and appreciated, be mindful of your treatment of others. As a paladin of Bandor you are her ambassador in the untamed lands. The impression you make on others must be positive if Bandor’s influence is to spread to all corners of this world.
Ivor: You have served Bandor in every way you could. You wisely counseled the King of the Eladrin against war and have tried your best to spread the word of Bandor wherever you traveled. Bandor has decreed that you shall be the next bearer of The Beacon of Bandor, a powerful artifact. War looms once again on the horizon, you will use this artifact in your next mission.”

The Angel then departs, fading into nothingness.

The Beacon of Bandor is a legendary, “head-slot” artifact. Details provided below.

Additional information in progress.

Jungle Encounters
5,000 XP (for the party)

The Beacon of Bandor
Heroic Level Artifact
This slender silver crown has been worn by generations of influential followers of Bandor. The crown draws its power from the religious faith of its wielder. It seeks to spread peace wherever it goes, but can be a helpful ally if hostility proves unavoidable.
The Beacon of Bandor is a head-slot item.
Enhancement: N/A
Property: You gain a +2 item bonus to Diplomacy, Religion, and Insight.
Property: You can use Second Wind as a move action instead of a standard action.
“The Insight of Bandor”; Power (At-Will, Divine): Free Action. Make a religion check vs. will to determine if a creature plans to attack you (or an ally) on its next turn. You may only use this ability once per round. This ability does not reveal who the creature will attack, just whether they are on the verge of violence against your party.
“The Force of Bandor”; Power (Encounter, Divine): Minor Action. Close blast 5. One target. Make a religion check vs. will. Hit: push the target one square.
“The Presence of Bandor”; Power (Daily, Divine): Move Action. Self. Teleport two squares.

Starting Score: 5

  • Owner gains a level: +1d10
  • Owner completes a quest assigned by the Council of Bandor: +2
  • Defeat an enemy of Bandor: +1 (once per encounter)
    For the purposes of this artifact, an enemy of Bandor is any creature of intelligence 6 or higher that unjustly attacks Owner (or Owner’s allies). Any warmongerer also counts of course.
  • Owner attacks an enemy in a scenario that meets both of the following conditions: -1
    A. Enemy has not attacked Owner (or one of Owner’s allies)
    B. Owner has not determined that Enemy is non-hostile using “The Insight of Bandor” power.
  • Owner forgets key NPC name and instead says “Name-Implied”: -1 (just kidding)
  • Owner worsens a diplomatic situation between hostile nations/forces: -2

Effects of Concordance Score:
Pleased (16-20)
The Force of Bandor can now target two creatures.
The Presence of Bandor can now teleport you three squares
Property: +2 bonus to Will

Satisfied (12-15)
Property: +1 bonus to Will
Property: +3 bonus to Diplomacy, Insight, and Will
Property: You can use second wind as a minor action

Normal (5-11)
No effect

Unsatisfied (1-4)
-2 penalty to Will
-4 penalty to initiative

Angered (0 or lower)
The artifact ceases to function.



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